How to check oil level?

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Trust us: it's well worth checking your car oil is at optimum level. When you do so, your car will thank you!

Why checking your oil?

Oil check not only does it help improve your engine's performance, it also increases your car's life expectancy.
Remember to check oil level and make it a habit before every long journey.
By checking oil,
Also be sure to choose the right oil, as this is important for your engine's resilience and performance.

Benefits of maintaining an optimal oil level:

  • Increase your engine's efficiency and cut fuel consumption.
  • Reduce premature wear of engine components.
  • Prevent the formation of deposits and limit the development of corrosion.
  • Reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Your car's oil consumption depends on many factors:

  • The type of vehicle you own.
  • Your driving style and where you usually drive (city, roads, highways).
  • The mechanical condition of your engine.
  • Weather conditions.

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