How to change transmission fluid?


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Oil that is perfectly suited to your gearbox - of the right grade and in the right quantity. You will need a completely different oil depending on whether you have a manual or an automatic gearbox.
It is therefore important to check the vehicle's service manual before carrying out any operations on the gearbox: oil changes should be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

When to change transmission fluid?

  • When to change manual transmission fluid?

When to replace transmission fluid for cars? Most manufacturers recommend that manual transmission fluid be changed every 30,000 to 60,000 miles.
When should I change transmission fluid under heavy-duty use? Some manufacturers suggest changing transmission fluid every 15,000 miles.

  • How often should you change automatic transmission fluid?

When should I change automatic transmission fluids?
Your vehicle's automatic transmission system must be maintained on a regular basis in order to extend its lifetime. Automatic transmission fluids ensure that your gears remain thermally stable and properly lubricated.
For the gears to work properly, the level and condition of the transmission fluid should be checked, as well as the state of the filters. Maintenance requirements vary depending on the model.
When to change automatic transmission fluid?
Refer to your service manual to find out what transmission fluid your gearbox requires and how frequently it should be changed.
How often do you change automatic transmission fluid ?
As a general rule, automatic transmission fluids should be changed every 25,000 miles ... to never.
When should you change transmission fluid /when should I change transmission fluid ?
The typical service interval is between 60,000 to 100,000 miles.
How often transmission fluid change? Transmission fluid change how often?
Changing it more often does no harm.
When should you change transmission fluid if you do mostly city driving with constant changes of gears? In such a case, we recommend to change your ATF even more often.

Equipment needed for transmission oil change

You will need the right equipment in order to carry out properly a transmission fluid change:

  • Safety equipment, such as safety goggles and rubber gloves
  • A spanner for the oil drain plug
  • A container for collecting the used oil
  • A funnel and a plastic pipe
  • A jack and jackstands
  • Newspaper (or paper towel) and rags
  • An O-ring if necessary

Changing transmission fluid procedure:

Steps to follow before the transmission change :

  1. Let the engine run for at least 10 minutes to make the oil viscous
  2. The vehicle must be on a level surface with the engine switched off for at least 5 minutes.
  3. ccess the sump by lifting your car on jacks or on ramps

How to add transmission fluid ?
Adding transmission fluid is easy to do:

  1. How to change transmission fluid – Step 1: place a container under the drain plug to catch the used oil
  2. How to drain transmission fluid – Step 2: unscrew the drain plug and let the oil drain out
  3. How to replace transmission fluid –Step 3: when the oil tank is empty, replace the gasket and refit the drain plug securely
  4. Drain transmission fluid – Step 4: fill the gearbox with new oil using a tube
  5. Put the filler cap back on securely
  6. Dispose of the used oil at an appropriate recycling centre

How to change automatic transmission fluid

The operation is more complicated on automatic gearboxes than on manual gearboxes

How to replace transmission fluid - Get your vehicle ready

To make your engine oil less viscous so that it drains out more easily when changing it, it is advisable to carry out this operation after having used your vehicle for more than 10 minutes. Make sure your vehicle is on a flat and horizontal surface. Turn the engine off and apply the handbrake.
There should be enough space under the car for you to be able to access the oil sump. If there isn't, you may use a jack to raise the car, and then stabilise it was jackstands.
Never get under the car when it is only held up by the jack – it is very unstable. The purpose of the jackstands is to reduce this instability. Refer to the manufacturer's user manual to find out where to place them.

How to change a transmission fluid - Checking the filling cap

Before you change your oil, make sure that the filling cap is not jammed and that you will be able to fill your sump once you have changed the oil. If it is jammed, you will need to contact a garage mechanic.

Where to put transmission fluid - Change the oil in the gearbox housing

Once you have found the oil reservoir and the drain plug (consult the service manual) under your car, protect the ground's surface by spreading newspaper or paper towel on it. Position your container under the plug and make sure it is big enough to contain all of the oil that needs to be drained. Unscrew the drain plug using the socket spanner.
Make sure you do not drop the plug with your gloves. Allow the used oil to drain out for several minutes. You will notice that used oil from an automatic gearbox appears very clean. However, it should still be replaced.

Where to add transmission fluid - Drain the converter

Once the reservoir is empty, you need to access the converter. Using your vehicle's service manual, locate the hatch that links the gearbox to the engine.
If the gearbox and engine are separated by a grill, this will need to be dismantled. Then use your fingers to turn the converter until the drain plug appears.
Once you have unscrewed it, pour the oil into the container. Use this opportunity to carefully clean the converter's and casing's plugs.
Once the oil has been poured in, screw the plugs back in. Remember to reassemble the hatch or grill.

How to change transmission fluid - Fill your gearbox with new oil

Before filling your gearbox with oil, refer to the service manual to find out exactly how much is required and what type of oil you should use. Once you have selected your ELF oil, use the plastic pipe and the funnel to fill the gearbox housing, placing the funnel as high up as possible so that the oil flows through the pipe and into the housing.
Once you have filled it to the maximum level, screw the plug back in, making sure that you have not left any components on the ground.

Replace transmission fluid - last step: Dispose of your used oil at an appropriate center

How much to change transmission fluid ?

How much is a transmission fluid change?
Transmission repairs often cost thousands of dollars.
How much transmission fluid change?
An ATF fluid exchange (some people call it an automatic transmission flush) is tens of dollars. It's worth the investment if your fluid is old or showing signs of heat damage.

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