What Oil for my car?



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What is the best lubricant for my car ?

  • If you search the recommended oil for your vehicle, we'll recommend you thanks to our Lube Advisors, the best ELF oil lubricant adapted for your model of vehicle (either best oil for cars, best oil for motorcycles or best oil for trucks). 14 countries currently offer Lube advisors: you just have to enter the brand and model of vehicle and you'll discover the ELF lubricant specifically dedicated for your car, motorbike or truck. Our vehicle database is considerably more extensive than most of our competitors.
  • If you look for a specific product according to its application, check http://catalog.elf.com/automotive

Oil for my car/ Lubricant for car:

You are probably wondering what is the best oil for cars or best car lubricant?
Our top of the range car engine oils are synthetic oils bringing optimal performances.

What is the best oil for cars?

Definitely EVOLUTION FULL TECH engine oils: these engine oils are a guarantee of performance, made of last generation technology, dedicated for recent car models and for demanding technical requirements.

What is the best car oil? We recommend you after EVOLUTION FULL TECH oils our EVOLUTION 900 engine oils: high protection and ultimate performance, dedicated for recent car models and for demanding technical requirements.

Where to buy motor oil? Where to buy engine oil?

If you are looking for where to buy oil or where can I buy motor oil, here is the place!
You can have a look to our maps where you can find the nearest outlet. Because we know how important it is for you to know where you can purchase our products, we are in the process of creating lube finders.

Which motor oil? You can see an example of our lube finder for France: http://www.total.fr/mon-vehicule/tout-savoir-sur-huiles-graisses-total-et-elf/ou-trouver-huile-et-graisse-total-ou-elf.html

In order to view the sales outlets, you need to browse the catalogue or the Lube advisor.

Where to buy motorcycle oil?

You can buy motorcycle oil in our MOTOZONE centers .

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