What are oil additives?

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Looking for information on additives for lubricants / lubricating oil additives?

Engine lubricants and additives, what's the difference?

Actually, nearly all lubricants contain additives (from 10 to 30%), whether the oils are synthetic or petroleum based. Engine oil additives are chemical compounds that improve the lubricant performance of base oil (or oil "base stock").

Motor oil additives have three basic roles:

  1. Enhance existing base oil properties with antioxidants, corrosion inhibitors, anti-foam agents and demulsifying agents.
  2. Suppress undesirable base oil properties with pour-point depressants and viscosity index (VI) improvers.
  3. Impart new properties to base oils with extreme pressure (EP) additives, detergents, metal deactivators and tackiness agents.

What are best oil additives? What is the best engine oil additive?

We won't go into an engine oil additives reviews but we'll mention only the most important motor oil additives:

  • Oil stabilizers and viscosity modifiers are often said to be the best engine oil additives: they help the oil last longer and in a sense they are "restore engine additives"
  • You've probably heard of extreme wear additives as best motor oil additives : they improve or extend the oil's extreme pressure protection capacity.

What is engine additive/ Motor additive?

Engine oil additives reduce engine wear and increase fuel efficiency.

Best fuel additives:

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