How often to change Oil in Motorcycle?

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When should I do a motorcycle oil change?

The manufacturer's service manual will tell you how often you should check your engine's oil level, what type of oil you should use and how frequently you should change it.

How to know when to change oil?

As a general rule, engine oil should be changed every 3700 miles or so, as great demands are made of it. However, depending on your driving style, you may have to change it more or less often. For example, if you make lots of short journeys, engine oil performance will deteriorate, because condensed droplets of fuel will get into it. Similarly, if you do not use your motorcycle very often, or if you use it intensively, engine oil quality may be reduced depending on the types of lubricant that you use.

When to change oil filter?

As far as the oil filter is concerned, it does not need to be replaced every time the oil is changed. For standard use, it can be replaced every two oil changes. You should still, however, follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

How often to change synthetic oil ?

The rule of thumb is 3000 miles between changes, but with synthetic oil you can go as far as 5000 miles.

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