Biker services: Moto zone

ELF MOTO Garage Visual HR

Moto Zone is a concept Garage, Workshop or Bike Wash Point for two-wheelers, where oil change takes place exclusively or in addition to other services provided by the outlet.

This concept has been developed to eliminate all worries of the customer about the authenticity of products used and technical capabilities. By joining Moto Zone, as a customer or business, you can gain different benefits:

  • The customer can receive guidance in a selection of the most suitable lubricants and professional recommendation in terms of bike maintenance.
  • Other lubricant services will be provided such as a professional approach in terms of scope of work, delivery schedule and cost implications, sales promotion and free service check-ups.
  • Technical training on lubricants and their applications. You can also benefit from logistic support and the availability of a complete range of products. Marketing support will be available through participation in sales promotions and through merchandise items.

With each oil change, we provide the following services:


  • Bike wash
  • 10 safety checks:
  1. Tyre condition & pressure
  2. Bike lights
  3. Driving chains & Sprokets (or belt)
  4. Battery change level
  5. Fork
  6. Brake pads
  7. Brake liquid
  8. Spark plug
  9. Air filter
  10. Accelerator & clutch cables

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