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ELF and motorcycles: a history combining passion and performances!

ELF is deeply involved in bikers’ support, providing a full range of bike care products.
ELF is proud to provide you with all the lubricants to maintain your bike in top condition, year after year.

  100% Synthetic motorcycle oil Synthetic motorcycle based oil Mineral motorcycle oil
Gear oil   Moto Gear Oil 10W40 (2T) Moto Gear Oil 80W90 (4T)
Fork oil Moto Fork Oil Syn 2,5W
Moto Fork Oil Syn 5W
Moto Fork Oil Syn 10W
  Moto Fork Oil 10W
Moto Fork Oil 15w
Moto Fork Oil 20w
  1st product 2nd product  3rd product
Coolant Moto Coolant Organic Moto coolant Mineral  
Brake fluid Moto brake fluid DOT 5.1 Moto brake fluid DOT 4  
Protection Moto air filter oil    
Degreasant Moto Multilube N Contact  Moto Degreaser + (avalaible Q2 2015)
Chains Moto chain lube Moto Chain Paste  
Care Moto shampoo Moto Polish  Moto Silicone Spray


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