MOTO 4 ROAD 15W-50

MOTO 4 ROAD 15W-50

4 stroke motorcycle oil 10W40/15W50 of SJ level

ELF MOTO4 ROAD 10W-40 is perfectly compatible with catalytic converters. The oil-change intervals recommended by the constructors and the minimum required viscosities must be complied with. This lubricant is compatible with lead-free fuels. This multi-purpose lubricant meets the severe requirements of urban traffic and long-distance runs.

ELF MOTO4 ROAD 10W-40 is fortified with synthetic based oils, providing hydrodynamic lubrication and superior engine cleanliness.ELF MOTO4 ROAD 10W-40 has a specific reactivity to temperature variations. Its maximum fluidity at low temperatures improves injection and ensures that oil pressures rise quickly


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