SCOOTER 4 CITY          10W-40

4 stroke scooter oil (10W-40) of SJ level

ELF SCOOTER4 CITY 10W-40 can handle both harsh urban traffic requirements (thermal shocks) and driving in rural conditions. This oil is compatible with 4-stroke catalytic converters.ELF SCOOTER4 CITY 10W-40 is a synthetic base oil reinforced lubricant which maintains optimum lubrication and keeps both the engine and its environment clean. This multigrade lubricant was designed with additives to improve the viscosity rating. The compounds thicken the oil at high temperatures and provide greater fluidity at low temperatures.

ELF SCOOTER4 CITY 10W-40 is a lubricant that is particularly well-suited to protecting engine components. A protective layer of oil provides protection and ensures greater lubricating power even at high speeds, improving driving comfort and reducing mechanical noise. This persistent film of oil protects the metal parts in contact.

  • API SJ

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