Core values

ELF The No 1 Formula For your engine

ELF is a legendary brand worldwide: a world of passion, technological expertise and a premium-product culture. And the new graphics convey the values dear to the heart of ELF: passion, expertise and premium products.


Fundamentally inspired by R&D and always anticipating, ELFmaintains the image of a competitive, effective and expert brand.Through constant technological innovation, it is the brand of success,victory and winners. It inspires all the guarantees of a professional,responsible brand and has proven to be absolutely essential.


The ELF brand is strongly anchored in the public consciousness inmany markets. It has its own status, charisma, elegance andeven prestige. Dignified and restrained, the brand knows howto attract a community with products featuring high technicalvalue-added.


ELF conjures up emotions – a blend of pure sensations.The brand evokes excellence, adventure and sporting achievement. It has many fans throughout the world, all of whom swear by it.

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