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TOTAL's in-service motor oil analysis service is designed to help you improve the productivity and competitiveness of your business.

Our ANAC ("ANAlysis Compared") service provides a complete range of analytical monitoring systems for in-service oils or coolants, available for any automotive (vehicles and moving machines) or industrial (machinery and equipment) application.
Backed by two European laboratories, a global network of analysis sites, and a database of over four million samples, ANAC is a unique diagnostic tool that is trusted by businesses throughout the world.

Financial benefits for your business

ANAC is a strategic way to reduce your operating costs, both now and in the future, helping you:

  • Enhance equipment service life,
  • Economize fuel consumption,
  • Optimize drain intervals,
  • Prevent failures and downtime,
  • Make decisions about the purchase of used equipment,
  • improve equipment resale value.

Fleet management improvement

In addition, ANAC can optimize maintenance of your vehicle fleet and equipment by helping you:

  • Define maintenance priorities,
  • Justify emergency servicing,
  • Decide whether to keep a machine in or out of service,
  • Increase workshop efficiency.

Oil analysis on line: instant access

  • ANAC results and analysis reports are available online via a secure server or directly on your smartphone, so you can get the information you need to make on-the-spot decisions, no matter where you are. You’ll have a real-time access to the results of analyses carried out.

It’s also very convenient as the results can be downloaded into a PDF file or Excel spreadsheet.

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