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Brough Superior

Brough Superior Motorcycles was established in Nottingham, England, in 1919 by George Brough. Thanks to the bikes stunning looks, impressive quality, astonishing speed and reliability it quickly became one of the most famous motorcycle companies in the world. Even though production ended in 1944, fearless record breaking, George’s enormous personality and the motorcycles endorsement by T.E Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) have guaranteed that Brough Superior is the world’s most esteemed brand.

In 2008 Englishman Mark Upham, an all-time long Brough Superior fan bought the brand, with the dream of re-launching the company. Searching for a suitable partner for such a prestigious project, he was introduced to Thierry Henriette, owner of Boxer design in Toulouse, France. Thierry a highly respected motorcycle designer shared Mark’s enthusiasm and the new company began to take shape. 

They presented their vision of a new SS100, the most famous of George’s Brough motorcycles at the EICMA show in Milan, Italy, in 2013, the start of a great adventure.

A new era of Brough Superior motorcycles could not just use an off the shelf engine.

Akira technologies, based in Bayonne, France, was chosen to help Brough Superior create a specially designed, bespoke engine for the SS100.

Cutting edge lubrication

This new 997 cc watercooled DOHC 88° V-Twin four-stroke required the best in class lubricants, to ensure smooth running and perfect reliability. Naturally, both partners decided to approach ELF for the supply of a dedicated best in class engine lubricant.

Research, innovation and competition are in the DNA of ELF Lubricants. The search for performance, energetic efficiency and the protection of the engine’s components are the hallmarks of the products formulated by ELF Lubrifiants. The natural fit
between the 2 brands quickly resulted in the decision to sign a cooperation agreement and in November 2016 ELF became the exclusive lubricant partner of Brough Superior.

Brough Superior ELF dedicated fully synthetic 10W-60 lubricant is the sole recommended lubricant for Brough Superior bespoke engine, and ELF also provides all the fluids for each Brough Superior motorcycle manufactured in Toulouse.

As a legacy to the bikes produced between 1919 and 1944, Brough Superior and ELF decided to launch a short range of lubricants dedicated to vintage and classic bikes.

This best in class Brough Superior ELF vintage motorcycle range is highly recommended for all bikes that cannot cope with modern highly detergent lubricants.