RENAULT x ELF 50 years

An exclusive, worldwide lubricant recommendation active for 51 years

RENAULT / ELF partnership has been renewed in December 2014 for the next 5 years (2015 to 2019). For the past 51 years, RENAULT has recommended the use of ELF lubricants to its whole network and customers around the globe. The recommendation is:

  • Exclusive.
    RENAULT does not recommend any other brand of lubricants.

  • Unique.
    ELF is one of the few brands of lubricants associated on a worldwide scale to an automobile manufacturer.

It enables, in particular, the availability of ELF approved lubricants at most RENAULT dealer networks worldwide. RENAULT vehicles enjoy this recommendation of ELF lubricants. This highlights RENAULT's confidence in our lubricants, that we acquired thanks to deep and sustainable technical relations: ELF is the reference technical partner of RENAULT.

The pillars of the partnership between ELF and RENAULT

The excellence of the partnership between ELF and RENAULT is based on four basic principles:

  1. R&D state-of-the-art cooperation concerning lubricants and fuel to develop technology and provide for the needs of RENAULT in original build and after-sales. The ELF lubricant range is continuously evolving in coordination with RENAULT technical teams, in order to propose real benefits to their vehicles from first kilometre. Our lubricants shall undergo a lot of tests, among the most severe in car industry, in order to get approved by RENAULT, then be manufactured in our high-end blending plants in respect of the carmaker's quality rules. Our technical partnership already gave birth, for instance, to series of fill-for-life transmission oils for RENAULT gearboxes or fuel economy engine oils.
  2. A systematic consultancy with ELF for original build lubricants: ELF is a prime supplier of the Renault-Nissan Alliance (in particular on standard transmission products in many countries).
  3. The exclusive worldwide oil recommendation in after-sales in the “RENAULT recommends ELF” and “DACIA recommends ELF” signatures.
  4. A leading-edge motorsport cooperation.

ELF won together with RENAULT 168 victories in Grand Prix, 11 constructors titles and 10 drivers titles... without forgetting the world victories or world titles of the most famous drivers: Michael Schumacher, Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna, Damon Hill, Jacques Villeneuve, Nigel Mansell and more recently Fernando Alonso.

  •  Total Group and the engine company RENAULT form an exclusive F1 technical and marketing partnership,
  • ELF is the oil sponsor of the World Series by RENAULT. ELF is the exclusive petroleum sponsor of World Series by RENAULT, and is proud to support emerging champions, who will later take the lead of Formula 1 championship. During those popular and thrilling weekends, visitors can enjoy in all categories - Clio Cup, Mégane Trophy, Formula RENAULT 2.0 and Formula RENAULT 3.5- this winning spirit that RENAULT and ELF truly share.

Some key dates in our ELF and RENAULT history

  • 1968: 1st recommendation agreement of ELF lubricants by RENAULT,
  • 1973: Alpine-Renault & Elf became rally world champions,
  • 1977: the RENAULT – ELF turbocharged formula 1 is debuting,
  • 1978: Alpine-Renault & Elf won the Le Mans 24-hour race (Jaussaud-Pironi),
  • 1979: 1st joint victory RENAULT-ELF in F1 (Jean-Pierre Jabouille, France GP),
  • 1983: 1st Renault F1 turbocharged engine : Alain Prost wins with his "yellow tea pot" ,
  • 1988: 500kT of ELF lubricants already sold!
  • 1992-1997: 6 world titles for Williams Renault ELF and Benetton Renault ELF teams, and Prost, Villeneuve, Hill, Senna, Mansell as pilots,
  • 1999: the Renault-Nissan Alliance - Dacia brand reloaded,
  • 2000: Renault is back as a F1 team (was engine manufactured in the 1990s),
  • 2005: RENAULT launches World Series by Renault, under ELF sponsorship,
  • 2005-2006: Double F1 title driver – manufacturer with Fernando Alonso, 
  • 2007: release of Renault after-sales lubricant norms, ELF being the only brand with a full approval line-up ,
  • 2008: RENAULT and ELF celebrate 40 years of a brilliant partnership,
  • 2010: RENAULT engine and ELF fluids enjoy a 9th manufacturer title in F1,
  • 2011: young and gifted : Sebastian Vettel, youngest double F1 champion with RENAULT engine. In 2011, we landed 10 world titles and more than 130 F1 victories alongside Renault,
  • 2012: the story continues! RENAULT - ELF agreements are renewed, for further business and motorsport success.

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